Meet Cidia...

A specialist in hairstyling, cut and color for the past 30 years, Cidia has created and perfected her own hair extension system in the last 10 years. 


This new breakthrough in hair technology can transform the appearance of fine, thin lifeless hair to thick,  long and healthy hair. This incredible process is the most advanced technology in hair extensions. No damage to your hair!  No glue, no heat, no weaving!

Cidia's System uses micro silicone rings or micro silicone tubes to keep the extensions secure. These tubes are made of flexible metal with a silicone layer in the inside that attaches to your real hair. This application protects your hair and promotes healthy hair growth. The rings are very little and match with the client's hair color. It is almost imperceptive. This system does not cause breakage and is made to look and feel natural. 


Cidia’s Hair Extensions method offers a number of advantages over existing hair extensions system. Her expert hair color blending and her sutble cutting techniques ensure that nobody will notice the difference between your hair and your hair extensions. Her ability to ensure natural looking hair extensions separates her from the rest. Her creativity and imagination enables her to possess the unique ability to personalize, cut, colors and hair extensions to suit every need.

Cidia strive's to create hair extensions that brings out the best in your appearance Offering the finest textured hair. 


Services include: application, unlimited color blending, highlights, cuts, and maintenance.