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Easy application & custom designed just for you

Services include: application, unlimited color blend, highlights, cuts, and maintenance for all services performed.


Consultation is imperative to discover what is perfect for you as an individual. Any questions you have will be answered. You can choose the length, volume and color to suit you.Your extensions are then applied and cut to style. The consultation is completely free and depending on the look you desire your new hair can be achieved within 2 to 5 hours! 


Removal is quick and easy without damage to  your hair!

Simple to maintain


After the application I can adjust your extensions if required, every 8-12 weeks. No special care is necessary, you can wash and style the hair to your own preference.  

Coloring can be applied without removing your extensionsActivities such as gym workouts and even swimming can be performed without ill effect on your extensions.


The initial cost is the biggest and depends on the overall look you want to achieve. I Recommended to have the extensions reapplied after 8 to 12 weeks. The hair is reusable and will last you over a year. So  you will only be paying to have it reapplied. This is the most cost-effective hair extension technique available for the quality and service. 


The hair 


The hair comes from all different parts of the world: India, Russia, South America, etc.  It is Natural unprocessed human hair. Color can be used if necessary to better match with your hair. 

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